Las Vegas, Nevada

Business Problem:
Startup technology company offering products and services to small businesses was unable to post positive revenues for a massive segment of customers. They had tried multiple agencies and marketing models to create a positive revenue stream from this vital segment, but were unsuccessful.

Produce a positive revenue source for the company that did not exist in this segment of their market.

Marketing Plan:
Grow the small business customer base through new business, upsells and cross-sells. Develop a process-driven marketing strategy to consistently build month-to-month Sales over time vs. a short-term leads gen campaign. Conduct full-blown customer analysis and product-relevant profile through big data targeted research to determine which segments would respond to the Company’s specific offering.

Launch ongoing consistent marketing communication plan with a robust mix of highly customized variable direct mail and email communications personalized to engage customers in actionable steps that directly resolve their business challenges.


  • Grew small business customer base from 28,000 to 66,000 within 18 months.
  • At an average sale of $600, total revenue growth in this time-frame was $22,000,000.
  • This growth rate was maintained as new customer segments and revenue centers were identified by Relevant Marketing Services over 3 years until a Fortune 100 company purchased them in 2007.

58 locations in 3 years

Clinic network grew from two locations to sixty in just three years!

3 year lead increase

Total percentage of new leads, for multiple location network.

Increased online leads

Online leads increased from ten leads per month to ninety six!


Toronto, Canada

Business Problem:
Consumers weren’t renewing their use of the medical device at the recommended schedule, which was negatively impacting recurring revenue growth opportunities. They were aggressively using a marketing firm to grow this renewable business opportunity with a negative ROI. They were losing money.

Increase renewals of medical device dramatically, thus proving the recurring revenue model and securing long-term growth opportunity.

Marketing Plan:
Hired Relevant to develop a high-end, highly variable medical retail marketing package for existing customers that spoke specifically to their needs and product interests. Big data segmentation with thousands of laser-targeted variables was deployed to capture the interest and active response of existing customers. Digital and traditional strategy was integrated to increase both the percentage conversion of re-orders and the retention of customer loyalty over time. This model was proven to be the most efficient way to acquire and retain customers.

Greatest response of any single campaign they had launched to date. Re-order revenues and customer retention grew to unprecedented heights, which ultimately generated an additional 144,000 orders in that first quarter. This represented over $4M of additional revenue that first quarter. This trend continued each subsequent quarter thereafter, estimating more than $16M in annual revenue due solely to their customer re-order strategy. These customer re-orders were 150% higher revenue per order than the average first time customer orders. Customer retention became a vital part of their growth strategy.



Orem, Utah

Effectively Manage Your Credit Union Marketing
Our Credit Union Marketing division is comprised of a team of Credit Union experts. Our team has worked for or with Credit Unions their entire professional careers. They deal only with Credit Union marketing and through their experience in the Credit Union industry, they know when and how to deploy marketing tactics for your Credit Unions specific needs. If you are looking for effective marketing campaigns that focus on new membership GROWTH combined with assertive RETENTION of your current base; then our BIG 3 core services might be the right fit for your credit union!

Online Location-Specific SEM, PPC (PAY-PER-CLICK) and Social Monthly Campaigns:
We research, develop and track all aspects for you; then deliver simple to understand monthly reporting on each.

Highly Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns:
Personalized landing pages (PURLs) create more efficient tracking, better response rates and greater returns than stand-alone direct mail. We integrate the traditional direct mail approach with personalized content and images to effectively create a segment of one. Furthermore, we handle the entire process from start to finish, from list development to post office delivery; all in-house! With every element of the process being developed and manufactured under the same roof, we have effectively removed the extra costs and delays commonly caused by middlemen in this industry.

Email Retention Campaigns:
You must stay in front of your members for cross sales and to continually be first-of-mind today and tomorrow, when your prospect needs your service. Our effective email retention campaigns allow you to do this, both effectively and affordably.

Monthly campaigns built and managed specifically for your credit union goals and your online prospect universe. We build measurable marketing efforts online to drive your credit union forward.

  • PPC: pay per click campaigns built and managed for you
  • SEO: will update or add pages to your website to increase traffic
  • SEM: will increase organic marketing traffic to your site
  • Social: will build, maintain, and post for major social platforms