— FUZE —

Our Exclusive Automated Marketing Platform

FUZE is a SaaS platform designed to help MARKETING professionals deal with the most difficult challenges:

  • How do I get more people to walk through the door?
  • How do I lower my cost per sale?
  • What is the total market or universe for my business/practice?
  • How many prospects are in that universe? Where are they? How do I reach them?
  • Are my messages in front of the right people often enough to evoke a response?

— Personalized Mail Marketing —

Personalized Mail Services

At Relevant we have been in the personalized marketing business for 17 years so we understand the intricacies involved in a successful marketing campaign. We are here to help you take the necessary steps to find success in your industry and realize this is an investment your company is making. With 17 years of experience our staff knows what to do to make your business stand apart from the rest.

We are passionate about data and have been since we were founded in 1996. All personalized mail campaigns are driven by data and that is where all of our projects begin and end. Every member of our team understands the research and data analysis that goes into obtaining the results that you expect and that we expect from ourselves.

Many believe that once your personalized mail leaves there door and is delivered to homes that the work is done, at Relevant we do not have this belief. We understand that this where the work really begins. We anticipate seeing the results of the campaign and seeing how we can continuously improve your ROI on your personalized marketing efforts.

— Digital Marketing —

How to Get More Quality Online Traffic, Clicks, Leads and Ultimately Buyers

More and more people are turning to the internet to find the products they need. Is your businesses online presence strong enough to take advantage of these sales trends? How do you stack up against your competition? Do you know how many users are visiting your site every year, month or even day?

Digital marketing as a practice is an ongoing process, not an event you place and forget about until the business flows in and though there is no perfect solution or magic bullet, there is a process and if followed, with consistent effort, results will come and continue to grow.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing


(Offer includes a full recon report)

— Data Management —

Leverage data analytics to create a competitive advantage

Through the high quality technology and data that is available to us we are able to make marketing more personalized. It is vital that your marketing is more personalized in today’s market place, with the information that is available today there is no reason why you cannot do this. Managing and monitoring your marketing follows suit as that these require a technological backing as well.

Decisions based on customer intelligence are an issue that will cause many sleepless nights for marketers. The goal of any business should be to create a long term relationship with the client. This is done by building the relationship based on customer insights. The more information you have the smarter you will become and with the amount of information available about individuals today you can gain great knowledge and insight into individuals. For example, banks are known for not integrating their data across silos, however, they should use the information they have about an individual’s banking life such as mortgages, credit cards, or investments and leverage that for cross sell or up sell opportunities.

Most marketers in today’s business place struggle to be relevant to their customers, we believe that staying relevant is the most important thing any organization can do. In order to stay relevant, you must be in tune with the individual customer’s wants, needs, and desires. To create relevant marketing you need relevant data analytics, if you don’t use analytics you will be shooting in the dark. Data analytics allow you to track your data and see real time trends or shifts in the marketplace. With these analytics we are able to make adjustments with the data to make sure you are always in tune with customer insights and stay relevant.

— Event Marketing —

Reduce your overall cost per lead dramatically

Through our stringent data mapping process, we can create an ideal prospect profile, in any specified geographic region… This unique process can greatly increase the chances of success at your next event.

Relevant, and staff, have been engaged in creating and conducting seminars and training events for more than 10 years. Our goal in conducting marketing seminars is to deliver the education without the pressure of conventional sales or lead generation that will empower your potential customers to make the best decision to act on your product or services.

Utilizing a systematic data driven approach to the marketplace, we have been able to properly refine the invitation list to the events as well as streamline the message to be most effective. Without over saturation of the marketplace, we have the deployment strategy that is customized to the demographics of your customer base, location, and competition.

Of course results may vary, but we have been able to stabilize the variations from location to location throughout the U.S. and generate predictable averages. As part of the overall marketing process, you can easily address those customers that just simply respond to a different approach by utilizing the event marketing by Relevant.

— Print & Fulfillment —

Full-Service Print & Fulfillment

With 20 years experience in the print industry we have yet to find a print project that we cannot fulfill. Whether it's 10 or 10 million pieces we are able hit your timetable and beat anyone's price while achieving the highest quality. In addition to our print services we also have inserting, die cutting, kitting, & fulfillment capabilities.

Our design team is proficient in graphic design, prepress, & layout to make sure that your projects are ready for print quickly and efficiently. If design is needed we are confident our team can provide creative and unique design for your project.